Protect your account!

Hello Wydianos,

Did you know that your account is your most valuable asset on Kersef? It's your passport to all the fun the continent has to offer. Despite being such a valuable asset, many players perform actions that put their accounts at risk.

Check out some of these practices and tips on how to protect yourself:

Use repeated passwords

Never use in the game the same password you use in other games or services. This protects your account if a security breach occurs in one of these services.

Tip: Change your WYD Global passwords periodically, try using different passwords for your accounts, and never use the same password as other games or services.

Access pirated servers

Players accessing pirated servers have been at risk since the account was created. During account creation, these services intercept the credential used for registration and may use this data to attempt to access your account through other services such as Facebook, email, and even your WYD Global account. Also, by installing such software, you are endangering the security and privacy of the files on your computer.

Tip: Never provide your data or download pirated software.

Borrow the account

By lending your account, even to someone you trust, you are greatly increasing the risk of your account or items being stolen.

Tip: Never lend your account or items to third parties.

Make negotiations out of the game

Buying and selling items or accounts from other real money players is illegal and dangerous. By doing so you risk being stolen or even purchasing stolen items. In such cases the player will forfeit any item or account acquired in the illegal trade.

Tip: Never buy or sell items from other players out of the game. The game's trading system is still the safest way to trade items and to trade characters always use the “Spirit's Seal” item.


WYD Global Team