Event Marathon

Hello Wydianos,

We have prepared for August a real marathon of events! Get ready as we will have several activities going on every day. Check out the activities below:

Event: Monster Invasion

You may have heard many stories about monsters and their relationship to the full moon. This is no different in Kersef, in some phases of the year the moon is able to affect the monsters inhabiting Kersef, making them more aggressive than usual! The good thing is that during this time they are more likely to drop magical artifacts. How about we go hunting for some of these monsters and collect some of these artifacts?

-> During the "Monster Invasion" all monsters in the game will have a chance to drop the "Green Medal" item.
-> The invasions will take place during three weekends of August. (10/08 ~ 11/08, 17/08 ~ 18/08, 24/08 ~ 25/08)
-> Medals earned at the event may be redeemed for rewards at the four-event NPCs.
-> The medals are immovable.
-> All event medals can only be obtained for free at the event.
-> More details will be released soon in the event news.

Continent Unknown

Channels Kefra from channels 7 and 8 disappeared leaving only one ticket. Have they been kidnapped ?! We will continue searching if you have any information let us know!

-> As no one is protecting the portal, access to the unknown continent from channels 7 and 8 is open.
-> Ticket content: "Departed vacation, I'll be back August 25!

Double drop

All Kersef monsters now have a double chance of dropping that item you are after. Take the opportunity to evolve that equipment!

-> The event will start after the maintenance of 08/08 and will end after the maintenance of 08/08.
-> Bonus does not affect the chance of dropping items that already have a drop chance of 20% or greater.

Double EXP

All monsters now grant double XP when defeated. # partiulevel400

-> Double EXP will be activated every Sunday of August (11/08, 18/08, 25/08 and 31/08).

Carbuncle EXP

Our longtime old mate is now more benevolent than ever! Talk to the "CarbuncleEXP" NPC located within the city of Armia and get a super buff from EXP.

-> Carbuncle will be located in Armia near Kibita between 08/08 and 18/08.
-> Carbuncle will grant the 2 hour EXP buff.
-> If you already have an EXP buff enabled, it will be replaced by the 2-hour Carbuncle buff.

Dark shadow

To remember the old days, the Dark Shadow boss will return to Kersef! Call your friends and get ready for hunting with lots of drops!

-> The Dark Shadow boss will be available at Ice Castle on channels 7 and 8 from 08/08 to 31/08.
-> The Dark Shadow boss will have a 100% chance of dropping a powder when defeated. Also likely to drop items: Uni Soul, Phoenix Soul and Soul Fragment.

Boss Secret Room x2

Do you know that happiness you feel when you can summon the boss in the Duel Card? Now imagine this happiness in double! During the event period, the "Secret Room" boss will drop two rewards upon being defeated.

-> The bonus will be activated on 08/10, 17/08 and 25/08.

Promotional Packages

During the month of August the gods will share some of their most valuable treasures with the bravest warriors of Kersef.

-> The item "Purple Medal" will be obtained by purchasing the August promotional packages.
-> Each "Purple Medal" can be exchanged for a random treasure.
-> The treasures will be updated on 08/08, 15/08 and 22/08.


WYD Team