Perzen Wizards

Hello Wydians,

Perzen's sorcerer are powerful wizards capable of materializing almost anything. Luckily, some of them have recently been spotted on territory N and M, maybe if you take what they are looking for you will receive a good reward. But be quick, they are not usually stay long in the same place.

Perzen Normal (Territory N)


[05] Game Room Bead(Normal)

Get a random reward:

[01] Bareback Horse's egg
[01] Steed's egg
[01] Swift Horse's egg
[01] Game Room Bead(Mystic)

Perzen Mystic (Territory M)


[01] Game Room Bead(Mystic)

Get a random reward:

[01] Harnessed Horse's Egg
[01] Parade Horse's Egg
[01] Fenrir egg

-> The items "Game Room Bead(Normal)" and "Game Room Bead(Mystic)" are tradeable.
-> The item "Game Room Bead(Normal)" can be obtained by defeating the monsters of territory N.
-> The Perzens will stay in the game until 02/07/2019.

Best regards,

WYD Global Team