About abuses in PvP areas

Hello Wydians,

In the last weeks, we have identified that some players were committing abuses in PvP areas, hindering the good progress of the game. WYD is an MMORPG with PvP and this is one of the main feature of the game, but, above all, it is a game that aims at entertainments. That way, this type of abusive attitude that has the sole purpose of disrupting other players will not be tolerated in WYD Global.

Therefore, as of 06/26/2019, we will accept complaints against players who use "secondary accounts" for the sole purpose of killing other AFK players. Once the abuse has been proven by the team, all player accounts will be subject to penalties.

Why is this important for the game?

PvP is part of the game and as WYD lovers, we have no interest in ending it. However, when players use "fake" accounts to kill players who are AFK, we're not talking about the good PvP that makes us want to evolve our character. We are talking about a cowardly PvP where it is not possible to fight back, because the "fake account" is only logged in for the purpose of killing AFK players. In summary, this measure aims to encourage root PvP and end Nvidia PvP.

Does this mean that I can be banned for killing someone in a PvP area?

No, PvP will only be considered abusive if it is persistently performed and using "secondary accounts" to hide. If you are not one of these players, you can continue to kill your enemies without problems.

What will be the punishment for these players?

Accounts used for this purpose will be blocked and all related accounts will also be punished. If the infraction is repeated, all accounts may be permanently blocked.

How can I report someone who is committing an abuse?

In case you want to report an account that is being used to disrupt the good progress of the game, you can contact our support team clicking here. Our team will analyze the account and apply the punishment if it is characterized that the account in question is committing abuses.

WYD Global is back as we have always dreamed of, remember that it is everyone's responsibility to keep the community healthy so that the game continues to grow for many years to come.

Best regards,

WYD Global Team