New promotional packages: Merchants Nomads

Hello Wydians,

A couple of nomadic merchants are finishing their long journey through Kersef and decided to make the last stop in the town of Armia. These merchants usually have very exotic products to trade, what do you think about giving a check?

Nomadic I - 2119 2116

[01] Gold Medal

Get a random reward:

[02] Duel Letter N
[03] Duel Letter N
[02] Adamantita
[01] Fragment of Soul
[02] Fragment of Soul
[12] Parade Horse's Essence N
[12] Parade Horse's Essence B
[15] Fenrir's Essence

-> All rewards are tradable.

Nomadic II - 2116 2095

[01] Mission 1 Treasure Box

Get a random reward:

[01] Real Armor (Red)
[01] Real Armor (Blue)
[01] Student Set(White)
[01] Student Set (Red)
[01] Student Set (Blue)

-> The costumes have a due date of 30 days after being equipped.
-> The costumes will be tradable until July 31 after that date the costumes can no longer be traded.
-> All costumes have the same probability of being obtained.


Pacote 1

The package contains:
600 Nordic Points
Gold Medal x2

Pacote 2

The package contains:
1,350 Nordic Points
Gold Medal x4

Pacote 3

The package contains:
2,200 Nordic Points
Gold Medal x7

Pacote 4

The package contains:
3,000 Nordic Points
Gold Medal x10
Treasure Chest (Mission 1) x1

-> The item "Mission 1 Treasure Box" can be exchanged for a random (30 days) suit in the NPC "Nomadic II" located in Armia (2116 2095).

-> The item "Mission 1 Treasure Box" is tradable.
-> The item "Gold Medal" tradable.
-> Packages have no limit on purchases per account.
-> Packages will be available for purchase until July 20 at 11:59 PM.


WYD Global Team