Congratulations on the new achievements

Hello Wydianos,

First of all we would like to congratulate everyone for the latest achievements! Last week we witnessed the first Kefra boss being defeated by fearless warriors and now we see the arrival of the first celestial characters in the game. It is very rewarding for us to be able to recreate those amazing moments that have marked the history of so many players. But this is just the beginning! With the arrival of the heavenly characters, you will soon be able to learn about the new skills, quests, items and other news prepared by JoyImpact for WYD Global. Also remember that now celestial and sub celestial characters can evolve to level 400!

To celebrate this new phase, we will be activating some mini-events during the weekend!

Carbuncle EXP

Carbuncle EXP will be in Armia (2131 2102) buffing mortal characters and archs between level 191 and 400 with the 2-hour EXP chest buff.

-> Buff duration cannot be accumulated.
-> If the player already has the EXP effect enabled, this effect will be replaced by the carbuncle effect.

Sponsored Kepha

Get ready for a fun-filled weekend! After the maintenance of 08/01, all Kefras will be revived, but this weekend we will lend a hand killing Kefra of the channel that will be new on Saturday (08/03). Enjoy making runes and securing your heavenly character!


WYD Global Team