Patchlist 08/08/2019

Hello WYDianos,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that were applied during the last update.

Event Marathon

We have prepared for August a real marathon of events! Get ready as we will have several activities going on every day. Check out the activities below:

-> EXP x2
-> Drop x2
-> Carbuncle EXP
-> Dark Shadow
-> Trade Event: Monster Invasion
-> New Promotional Packages
-> Hall Kefra open on channels 7 and 8
-> Boss “Secret Room” x2

More information and the activation dates of each event will be announced shortly.

Rune Track

-> Reduced damage from +4 HellShaman and HellSorcerer monsters by 30%.
-> Reduced damage from track “LichCruntKing” monster +0 by 30%.
-> Reduced monster HP “Lich CruntKing of the lane +0 by 30%.


-> Reduced HP of both RvR war kings by 50%.
-> Medals used in previous events have been deleted
-> Fixed a bug that caused the HP bar of the Pegasus and Unisus mounts not to display correctly.
-> Boss Kefra has revived on all channels.
-> Now the Armia Dragon will not trade additional weapons with +7 refining or greater.

News on the way

Balancing for new phase

The game is entering a new phase with the arrival of the celestial characters and it is normal that the game needs some balancing for this transition. The new version has some features that can make the early stage of celestials different from what we are used to, such as the new 400 immunity limit. This gives wizards characters an edge in the current phase of the game where equipment offering immunity is scarce. . We are reviewing the feedback you are sending us and talking to the game developer to apply the necessary balances for this phase of the game and we should have some news from the next update.

Level up

We are monitoring the evolution of the celestial characters after level 40 and during the month of August we will do some balancing to make the evolution more fluid as well as adding new up quests like the “Water Elemental Zone” and the “Nightmare” to the game. Parallel to this, we will continue to make adjustments to accelerate the evolution of Mortal and Archs characters.

Remember to always start the game using the launcher to get the latest updates and fixes.

WYD Global Team