Event: Holiday Season

Ferias WYD EN

Hello Wydians,

During the month of July we will have several activities taking place at the same time in Kersef. This is your opportunity to evolve your character in WYD Global! Check out some of them and get ready for a lot of fun!

Double drop

Needing a hand to drop that most wanted item? During the event the monsters in the game will have twice the chance to drop the items you want more!

-> The event will be started after the update of the day 11/07 and will be ended after the maintenance of the day 18/07.
-> The bonus does not affect the chance of dropping items that already have a drop chance equal to or greater than 20%.

Double EXP

How about a level up more quickly? During the month of July we will have Double EXP once a week. Enjoy the Sunday to give that speed up!

-> Double EXP will be activated on every Sunday in July (14/07, 21/07 and 28/07).

Carbuncle EXP

Our old adventurer is now more benevolent than ever! Deliver a "Sweet Heart" to the Carbuncle located within the city of Armia and receive a super buff!

-> The item "Sweetheart" can be obtained in the monsters of LAN N.
-> Carbuncle will be located in Armia near Kibita between July 7th and July 20th.
-> Carbuncle will grant damage, defense, skill, and EXP boost buffs with a duration of 1 hour.

Dark Shadow

To remember the old days, the Dark Shadow boss will return to Kersef! Call your friends and get ready for night-time hunts inside!

-> The Dark Shadow boss will be available in the Ice Castle on channels 7 and 8 between 7/7 and 7/31.
-> Dark Shadow boss will have a 100% chance of dropping Powder when defeated. Also existing the probability of dropping the items: Soul of the Uni, Soul of the Phoenix and Fragment of Soul.

Royal Merchants

Find the Royal Merchants, deliver the items ordered by them and randomly receive various rewards such as: Oriharukon Scrap, Laktorerium Scrap, Harnessed Horse's Essence, Grade D, Grade E, Eternal Stone, Soul Fragment, Lover's Seat, Spirit Stone and others.

-> All items ordered by the merchants can only be obtained free of charge within the game.
-> The following rewards will be property: Eternal Stone, Soul Fragment, Lover's Seat, Spirit Stone
-> The items needed to make the trades and the NPCs will be available in the game between 7/19 and 7/24.
-> More information about the merchants will be announced until 7/19

Kibita Challenge # 02

Enjoy our Facebook page and join our official group to take part in Kibita's new challenges and earn great rewards.


About the event

-> Activities may still change.
-> Other activities that will take place during the month of July will be posted in separate news.
-> Any attempt to exploit the event systems will result in the blocking of all related accounts.


WYD Global Team