Event: Magic Candies

In Kersef there are some typical sweets that are consumed for generations and have magical properties. Some monsters attacked the factory of these incredible sweets and took every stock with them! This has created a major crisis in Kersef and people are paying a lot for them! Can we get some of those candy ?!

BlackMarket I-X: 1056 Y: 1719

[01] Love Candy

Get a randomly:
[05] Rest of Ori
[05] Rest of Lac x5
[01] Powder of Lac
[03] Harnessed Horse's Essence B
[03] Harnessed Horse's Essence W
[01] Parade Horse's Essence B
[01] Parade Horse's Essence W
[01] Fenrir's Essence
[01] Grade D
[01] Grade E
[01] Love Chocolate

BlackMarket II-X: 1074 Y: 1718

[10] Love Candy
[01] Love Chocolate

Get a randomly:
[01] Parade Horse's Egg B
[01] Parade Horse's Egg W
[01] Unicorn's Egg
[01] Pegasus' Egg
[01] Unisus' Egg
[02] Soul Fragment

BlackMarket III - X: 1072 Y: 1744 

[20] Love Candy
[01] Love Chocolate
[01] Nomad Merchant Costume (MEN)

Get a randomly:
[01] Spirit Stone (+10 ABS)+0
[01] Spirit Stone (+10 Piercing)+0
[01] Lover's Seat (E) +9
[01] Eternal Stone

-> All rewards from "BlackMarket III" are untradable

How to get the item "Love Candy?"

LAN Zone: All monsters in LAN N and M have a chance to drop the "Love Candy" item until 23/07.

Global Drop: On Sunday (21/07) at 2:00 pm a global drop will be activated on all game monsters of 2,000 Love Candy on each channel.

Boss LAN N: Every 10 minutes a boss will be summoned in the LAN N zone and the player who makes a last attack will receive a Love Candy.

Dark Shadow: The Dark Shadow boss will have a 100% chance to drop the item "Love Candy" when defeated.

-> The item "Love Candy" is untradable.

How to get the item "Love Chocolate?"

When making a trade in NPC "BlackMarket II" there will be a chance to get the item "Love Chocolate".

-> The item "Love Chocolate" is untradable 

How to get the item "Nomad Merchant Costume"?

When the event post reaches 1,000 likes on Facebook, all players will be able to redeem the item "Nomad Merchant Costume" on the "Gifts" tab of the Prisang Nell NPC.

-> The costume will have due date of 30 days after being equipped.
-> To make the trade in "BlackMarket III" the costume must be delivered to the NPC.
-> The item "Nomad Merchant Costume (H)" is untradeable.


WYD Global Team