Monster Invasion


Hello Wydianos,

You may have heard many stories about monsters and their relationship to the full moon. This is no different in Kersef, in some phases of the year the moon is able to affect the monsters inhabiting Kersef, making them more aggressive than usual! The good thing is that during this time they are more likely to drop magical artifacts. How about we go hunting for some of these monsters and collect some of these artifacts?



[01] Green Medal

Receive one randomly

[02] Oriharukon Scrap
[02] Laktorerium Scrap
[01] Oriharukon Powder
[01] Laktorerium Powder
[01] Steed Essence W
[01] Steed Essence B
[01] Harnessed Horse Essence W
[01] Harnessed Horse Essence B
[01] Grade D
[01] Grade E 
[01] Crystal Form
[01] Water Scroll(Mystic)
[01] Gold Medal



[05] Green Medal

[02] Gold Medal

Receive one randomly

[01] Clue Of Runes +0
[01] Clue Of Runes +1
[01] Egg de Pegasus
[01] Egg de Unicorn
[01] Egg de Unisus
[01] Blue Medal



[10] Green Medal

[01] Blue Medal

Receive one randomly

[01] Heaven's Bow (63 damage)
[01] Slayer Hammer 63 damage)
[01] Kerykeion  (28% Magic Attack)
[01] Amber Gem Staff (28% Magic Attack)
[01] Bhopal Sword (63 damage)
[01] Victory's Spear 28% Magic Attack)
[01] Holy Cross (63 damage)
[01] Talon Of Dragon (63 damage)
[01] Kaladbolg (63 damage)
[01] Mjolnir (63 damage)
[01] Lactolerium 100

-> All weapons are +0



[??] Green Medal
[??] Gold Medal
[??] Red Medal

Receive one randomly

[01] Eternal Stone
[01] Water Secret Stone
[01] Land Secret Stone
[01] Sun Secret Stone
[01] Wind Secret Stone
[01] Spirit_Stone (Perforation)
[01] Spirit_Stone (Absorption)

-> All NPC IV rewards are untradable.
-> More information on how to get the free red medal and the number of medals required on NPC IV will be released by 08/16.

Event Rules

-> All rewards can be changed before or after the event starts.
-> During the "Monster Invasion" all monsters in the game will have a chance to drop the "Green Medal" item.
-> The invasions will take place during three weekends of August.
-> On invasion days, each channel will drop up to 5,000 green medals. Totaling 240,000 by the end of the event.
-> The drop will always start on Saturdays and noon Sundays.
-> All event medals can only be obtained for free.
-> All medals are immovable.
-> Drop chance is not affected by fairies or equipment.
-> Tip: The drop chance is the same for any monster, so it's easier to drop by defeating the most monsters in the shortest time.


WYD Global Team