Mini-Event: Kibita Challenge #02

Kibita returns with new challenges and will reward all players on the continent if they are overcome. Check out the challenges below and waste no time!


The city of Noatun once had golden times when it was the economic hub of Kersef, today it is increasingly losing ground to the city of Armia. Let's help Noatun thrive again!

Challenge: Have 100 open sales in Noatun City at the same time on the same channel.
Reward Unlocked: Shire (15 days)

-> When the challenge is overcome, the reward will be unlocked for all players within 24 hours.


Have you ever wondered how thousands of people around the world can get together in Kersef every day? What kind of magic artifact do they use to do this?

Challenge: 100 different players should post a comment on the event post on Facebook with a photo of their computer with the game open.
Reward Unlocked: Divine Potion (7 days)
Additional Reward: 5 Divine Potion (30 days) will be randomly drawn from participants.

-> Remember to write your nick in the comment to enter the giveaway.
-> The reward will be unlocked for everyone within 24 hours after the challenge is completed.


After long years of research, some wizards believe they have found a way to open a portal to an unknown continent. For this, a ritual must be done and no self-respecting ritual takes place without a dagger. What do you think of helping them get this powerful item?

Challenge: Deliver 5 Anct (piercing) daggers to Armia Dragon
Reward Unlocked: Kefra Hall open Saturday (07/27) and Sunday (07/28) on newbie channel.

-> The Kefra Hall gives you access to the quest Clue Of Runes.

-> Rewards may be redeemed by all players.
-> After a challenge is completed, rewards will be available for redemption within 24 hours.
-> To redeem the rewards, speak the NPC "Prisang Nell", go to the "GIFT" tab and click the "CLAIM" button of the desired reward.
-> All accounts created before the challenge is overcome will be able to redeem the rewards.
-> All rewards must be redeemed within 7 days of unlocking or will be deleted.
-> All rewards are untradable.
-> Each reward can only be redeemed once per account.
-> Any attempt to cheat or take advantage of the event will cause all related accounts to be blocked.


WYD Global Team