Become a CM!

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Hello WYDians,

While the launch of the Global server is approaching, we are receiving numerous requests from players who want to contribute to the community and promote a welcoming environment for all players.

Thinking about the player who wants to be part of the community improvement, we introduce: The CM Initiative!         

CM is an abbreviation for Community Manager who are players who want to actively participate in community improvement and become an important link between the player and the GM team.

Who should apply?

Any dedicated player who wishes to actively participate in the process of improving the WYD Global community, assisting with bug reporting, giving feedback and maintaining a healthier community!

Approved players will have a direct channel with GM's and will be able to give feedback for game improvement by helping and listening to the community. Interested players should sign up for the form at the end of this article.

Community Manager Activities

The participating CMs should assist the community by performing the following activities:

            • Answer questions from players in the forum, discord and ingame

            • Report bugs and feedback with the Raid Hut team.

            • Suggest and participate in community events.

            • Create game guides and share tips on the WYD Global forum

            • Listen to players and report suggestions and criticisms

CM's will be considered an important part of team communication with players!

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Rules of Conduct

CMs that fail to comply with the rules of conduct will be removed from the program. To act as a CM, the player must accept the rules of conduct and the following terms:

→ It is not allowed to disclose confidential information without the official approval of RaidHut Ltda.

→ Always maintain proper conduct, even in your personal accounts.

→ Violations of the code of conduct will be punishable and may result in removal of the member.

→ The activities provided by CMs are voluntary and do not constitute employment relationships.

→ Be friendly with other players in the game. Remembering to always be impartial.

→ Any CM can be removed from the role, whenever there are violations of the rules.

→ It's not allowed to abuse the authority of Community Manager.

Privacy Policy

The CMs team will not be access to personal information of other players, tickets, privileged information or any other information that may be used to harm others or benefit.

→ Would you like to apply for CM? you can sign up for the application form below.