Launch confirmed for May 23

Hello Wydians,

After years of waiting, the big day has arrived and WYD Global - Episode IV will be officially launched! The launch will be on May 23 at 20:00 (UTC-3), write in your schedule, call your friends, prepare the supplies and let's level up!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the test phase and helped with bug reports. Players who want to access the test server to prepare for the big day will be able to access it until 5/19. Remember that all accounts will be restarted on 05/21 before launch.


WYD Global will be released with the newest version of the game developed by Joyimpact, where players will be able to find more than 150 skills, new equipment items, redesigned war systems, RvR return, various game optimizations and more.

Before venturing out, here's some important information:

> All accounts on the test server will be restarted on 05/15 and the test server will be restarted for an account progression test.
> The server's timezone will be UTC -3 for the first two weeks, but will then change to UTC.
> During the first few weeks, we will adapt the start times of quests, events, and wars to find the best schedule for players in different countries.

Invite your friends and earn rewards!

WYD Global aims to help players from around the world relive their great adventures in Kersef. Invite all your battle buddies to explore Kersef with you and still receive rewards!

To participate is very easy, go to the page of the event clicking here, share your link with your friends and you're done. Whenever your friends have done an award-winning action you will receive a friendship chest. When you open the Friendship chest I and II you will receive rewards!

> The Friendship chest I will be obtained when the guest player reaches level 400.
> The Friendship Chest II will be obtained when the guest player performs the first recharge.
> Only 5 chests of each can be obtained per player.
> When rescuing the 10 chests the player will receive an exclusive eternal costume as a reward.
> The event aims to encourage the disclosure of the game and gather friends to play together, so any attempt to enter an account is considered an attempt to circumvent the system and will cause the blocking of all accounts involved.


Will I need to create a new account to access the official server?

No, you can access the game by using pre-existing accounts from the Origin, Asgard, or accounts server created to access the test server.

Will I need to download a new installer to access the server after launch?

No, you can access the server using the same Raid Hut launcher that you downloaded to access the test server or that you use to access Asgard / Origem servers. As soon as the time comes, we'll send you an update via launcher and everything will be ready for the big day!

Where can I keep up with the news about the global server?

You can follow all the news in our official channels: Facebook fanpage, Facebook Group, Discord.

We count on your presence in this phase that marks the return of WYD to the golden times. Are you ready to prove your worth against warriors all over the world ?!

Best regards,

WYD Team