Patchlist 30/05/2019

Hello players,

During the first week of the release we collect feedback, analyze the progression of the game and compile all of this to perform the first update of the game. Check out the news and corrections below.

New command: effects2

The "effects2" command has been added to the game and can be used in a similar way to the already known "effects". This new command aims to turn on and off some visual effects of the game that can cause problems in certain PCs.

Replation D

Fixed the price and added back to the game the Replation D item, it is now possible to get it in the Rusi NPC for the base price of 1kk gold.

Quest 350


Bottlenecks have been identified in some levels in the progression of quests 350, in order to soften this, we will make small adjustments to optimize the evolution of the players in that phase.

-> Increased EXP gained from the "Box of Wisdom" item from 20,000 to 30,000.
-> Increased the EXP obtained with the item "Tears Of Angell" from 40.00 to 80.000


Initially the gold obtained in the 350 quests were very important for the game, now that the game already has enough gold to move the economy, it is time to start distributing the gold entry in other quests and systems of the game, for that, we reduced the gold entry in the Hydra quest and we will add drop of gold in the monsters of the LAN N. We will continue monitoring this change and if necessary new adjustments will be made in the future.

-> Reduced the amount of gold obtained by using the "Bloody Eye" from 7,600 to 4,000.


Added the system to upload the guildmark directly on the website, just create your badge following the specifications (16x12, BMP 24bit) and upload by clicking here.

Numeric password recovery

Added a system for automatic numeric password recovery. To recover, just click here and enter the login of the account you want to find the password. By confirming the password2 will be sent to the email registered in the account.

LAN Area N

Added the drop of gold by defeating the monsters of LAN N and increased the chance of drop debris from ori and lac.

What's new in Nordic Store

New items will be added to the Nordic Store shortly, including: Sapphires, Costume Outfit, New Character Costumes, Replation D, Duel Letter and more!

Kingdom and Citizen Chat

Added a message limit every 5 seconds in realm (@) and citizen chats (@@).

New item: Soul Fragment

Added a new item to the game called "Fragment of Soul". Collect 10 fragments and give the NPC "Alchemy Annie" (2511 1731) to receive a random soul. The item "Soul Fragment" can be obtained by drop.

Warrior's Seal

Added the item Seal of the Warrior to the NPC Farche for the base price of 8k.

Kepha is alive

The kefra boss has been revived and is waiting for challengers! Note: Boss Kefra was defeated during the sandbox and remained dead at the official launch of the game.

New outfits

New costumes have been added and will be available in the game soon.


Changed the rewards of the NPC "EventCoupon" and increased the overall drop of the item "Victory Coupon" until 01/06 at 23:59

Bet NPCs

In order to encourage competition for territories at the beginning of the server, Ice City NPCs from all channels were removed. Additionally, it will not be possible to bet on the cities of channels 7 and 8.

Crash when accessing the character

Our team remains committed to identifying and correcting the problem that causes client closure when selecting a character. If you are being affected by this, send us a process dump file when it occurs again. know how


-> Fixed a bug that caused when three clients were open and one closed, it was no longer possible to reopen the game.
-> Fixed a bug that caused the command "/cancellation" not to work correctly.
-> Fixed a bug that prevents the BeastMaster from evoking the Gorilla.
-> The description of several items and quests have been corrected.

Remember to update the game through the launcher to receive the updates and good game =)


WYD Global Team