Patchlist 13/06/2019

Hello WYDians,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that was applied during today's maintenance.

Cities war

Changed the system of challenges so that the guild fame is taken into account even when the city has no owner.

Wyden Coin

Some corrections have been applied to Wyden Coin. We will continue to monitor to make sure that the issue with the Nordic Points delivery delay is resolved and once we have this confirmation, it will be added back to the Nordic Store.

Soul Fragment

Increased the chance to drop the item "Soul Fragment" on all monsters that already drop the item.


-> Updated the description of several items.

-> Reduced the price of the kingdom change item (Peerange Lift) from 100kk to 50kk. The item can be located in the Hestia NPC.

-> Fixed a bug that caused players to be banned automatically for 3 hours without reason.

-> Improved the MP potions drop in LAN N.

-> Applied a graphical enhancement for computers that do not have dedicated video card. To enable or disable effects, use the "effects2" command.



WYD Global Team