Patchlist 06/27/2019

Hello WYDians,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that was applied during today's maintenance.

Event NPCs

-> You can now use items grouped in event NPCs.
-> You will now need to have at least 2 free slots to perform an exchange on event NPCs.

About horse eggs

-> We have identified that some eggs can not be equipped by mortal characters. Our team is already working on the fix and a patch with the fix will be shipped soon.


-> Reduced the EXP penalty obtained by defeating monsters by mortal characters.
-> Fixed a bug that caused monsters not be summoned at LAN M
-> Fixed a bug that made items (LE) with three additional items not displaying the "Unable to refine" text.
-> Fixed icon and description of level 355 and 370 unlocking quest Arch.
-> Fixed a bug on the blue side of RvR that caused players to be sent to town while walking in some areas.

WYD Global Team