Patchlist 11/07/2019

Hello WYDians,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that was applied during today's maintenance.

Event: Holiday season

During the month of July the "Holiday Season" event will bring various activities to WYD Global. This will be a great opportunity to give that evolved character. Check out some of the activities below:


-> Double Drop: Bonus activated until the maintenance of 7/18

Coming soon
-> Double XP
-> Dark Shadow Boss
-> Kibita Challenge
-> Trading NPCs
-> Carbuncle with EXP buff
-> Promotional packages
And much more!

More information will be posted soon on our website and facebook.

Recruitment system

Now the player who is being recruited can choose whether or not to accept the invitation to join the new guild.


-> Added drop of gloves (E) on monsters "Treant" and "Assassin Taron".
-> Fixed a bug that made it impossible to send or remove items to the Noatun chest.
-> Fixed a bug that caused the "Harnessed Horse's Baby" is not display correctly
-> Fixed a bug that made painted shields not display correctly.
-> Reduced the cost for transferring the leader medal from 100kk to 50kk.
-> Reduced the cost to transfer the sub-leader medal from 50kk to 25kk.
-> Increased the limit of accounts that can access the newbie channel.
-> Fixed a bug that made some characters not be showed in the ranking.
-> Our team is still working to identify and fix the problem with the "Wyden coin" item, while this, the item has been disabled. All players who used the item before that and did not receive the cash will have the cash added directly into their NP balance.

Remember to always start the game using the launcher to get the latest updates and fixes.

Best regards,

WYD Global Team