Patchlist 25/07/2019

Hello WYDianos,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that were applied during the last update.

Hidden Valley

The elders say that the monsters that inhabit the "Hidden Valley" are pitiful souls of the monsters that were once defeated in the Kefra dungeon. Because they are “specters”, they have no item drop, but offer a generous amount of XP to warriors who are able to defeat them.

-> The Hidden Valley map can be accessed using the Azran teleport (2550 1743).
-> To access the map you must have the “Hidden Ruins Angel(24 hours)” equipped.
-> Hidden Ruins Angel(24 hours) can be obtained from the item "Hidden Ruins Map" which is for sale at Nordic Store for 150 Nordic Points.

Alchemy Shy

A new alchemist has arrived in Niflheim! She says she can synthesize the energy of soul fragments to create powerful accessories.

-> Deliver 20 Soul Fragments to the Alchemy Shy NPC to perform the composition of a random accessory.
-> Currently the possibilities of accessories are: Spiritual Stone E (Absorption), Spiritual Stone E (Piercing) and Lover's Seat.
-> The NPC is located in Ice City at coordinates 3671 3138.
-> The item "Soul Fragment" can be dropped on monsters: Rugeferbroker (Desert), LichCrunt (Kefra), LichVatama (Kefra) and CruelZakum (Secret Room).

Uma nova alquimista chegou em Niflheim! Ela diz ser capaz de sintetizar a energia de fragmentos de alma para criar poderosos acessórios.

-> Entregue 20 Fragmentos de Alma ao NPC “Alchemy Shy” para realizar a composição de um acessório aleatório.
-> Atualmente as possibilidades de acessórios são: Pedra Espiritual E(Absorção), Pedra Espiritual E(Perfuração) e Amuleto dos Amantes.
-> O NPC está localizado na cidade do gelo nas coordenadas 3671 3138.
-> O item "Fragmento de Alma" pode ser dropado nos monstros: Rugeferbroker(Deserto), LichCrunt(Kefra), LichVatama(Kefra) e CruelZakum(Quarto Secreto).

NPC Shany

-> Now on successful composing, NPC Shany will always deliver a spiritual stone with 15 perforations / 15 absorption.
-> Now the chance of success of the Spirit Stone composition (F) is 30%.

Boss Kefra

The boss kefra drop has been updated to be consistent with the current evolution of the game. The player who inflicts the last hit on the boss will receive the above items.

Wyden Coin

Wyden coin's system is undergoing a technology migration and its use has been temporarily disabled. All pending Nordic Points will be credited in the next few hours.


-> Now the item “Hatch accelerator” is negotiable.
-> HP potions drop has been increased on the “PerGagoil” and “PerGorgon” monsters on the LAN N map.
-> It will now be possible to obtain all sephira weapons for free at the "Unicorn" NPC in the training camp.
-> The attack and defense of some deadly quest monsters has been reduced by up to 30%.
-> EXP penalty per level for defeating monsters in deadly characters has been reduced.
-> The goal of 1,000 likes in the event post has been reached and the event costume that allows for exchange at NPC III has been released. To redeem the costume simply access the "GIFTS" tab on the "Prisang Nell" NPC.

Remember to always start the game using the launcher to get the latest updates and fixes.

WYD Global Team