Patchlist 19/07/2019

Hello WYDians,

Check below the patchlist with all the news that was applied during the last update.

NEW FEATURE - Real Arena is coming!


One of the most famous PVP quest of WYD brazlilian servers "Royal Arena" is in the final stages of development and will be available soon at WYD Global. The quest consists of a confrontation between 4 groups that are randomly formed and teleported in an arena for a fight to the death. The group that survives the match will be the winner and receive exclusive rewards. More details about the quest will be released when the testing phase is started.

Event: Magic Sweets

The event "Magic Sweets" will be released and started today. Follow our website and Facebook for more information.


The droplist is available in test mode. Click here to access it. We will continue to monitor and collect feedback to correct any inconsistencies and improve it in the coming weeks.

Drop rate 

The drop x2 event was ended, however a permanent 20% increase in the drop chance on all monsters in the game was applied.

Carbuncle XP

Carbuncle XP will have an extended stay in Armia, staying until July 26.


-> Fixed a bug that made the Dragon of Armia consume more crystals than it should when exchanging the additional weapons.
-> The item wyden coin has returned to Nordic Store, but now it can only be opened in channel 1. We continue to monitor cases of delay in sending the Nordic Points after the use of the item.
-> The quest and event NPCs learned to speak Portuguese.
-> Various information in the help menu (H) has been updated.
-> Fixed a bug that made the defense bonus when using a full armor was not correctly applied.

Remember to always start the game using the launcher to get the latest updates and fixes.


WYD Global Team