WYD Global! - It's time!


Finally, the big day arrived, today at 20:00 (UTC-3) today at 20:00 we will together make the launch of the biggest WYD server in history! And this is just the beginning, in the coming months and years, we will break many more records, towards the golden ages of this incredible game that we all love.

We've prepared a summary with some important information about the server launch and episode IV. Check below:


The game will be released with 8 channels to ensure that the largest number of players can participate in this historical release. This means that for the first time up to 8,000 players can access Kersef at the same time.


To celebrate the launch of the server, promotional packages have been created and will be available until 05/26 at 23:59 (UTC-3). CLICK HERE to learn more. If you have already purchased the "Starter" or "Founder" packages, when you first access the game, you will receive the "Founder Package Gift" or "Starter Package Gift" in your chest. These items can be redeemed for a gift in the NPCs scattered throughout the game.

Starter Package Gift

GIFT I (2146 2126) -> Wooden Horse 
GIFT II (2154 2072) -> Kongkongi 
GIFT III (2096 2075) -> Back Ho Set
GIFT IV (2079 2126) -> Poison Spider

Founder Package Gift

GIFT V (2112 2152) -> Skeleton Set (30days) 
GIFT VI (2127 2127) -> Uniform Set (30days) 
GIFT VII (2126 2076) -> CatMan Set M (30days) 
GIFT VIII (2066 2073) -> CatWoman Set F (30days) 


Episode IV has the level up quests for mortals, but with some changes. It will not be necessary to deliver "GraveKeeper's Candle," "Gardener's Harvest," and "Scout's Healing Potion" to access the first three quests. You still need the items "Scout's Mana Potion" and "Guard Emblem" to access the last two level up quests.

-> The items "Scout's Mana Potion" and "Guard Emblem" can be obtained close to their respective quests.
-> Only mortal characters can level up at quests.


-> During the launch, each computer can access the game with up to three accounts at the same time.
-> Experience and drops are monitored and will continue to be balanced in real time.
-> We are working on producing guides on the new systems, they will be added to the forum Global FAQ.

Without further ado, we hope you will call your friends and have fun like never before!

WYD Global Team