Patchlist 08/01/2019

Patchlist 01/08/2019

Hello WYDianos,

Check out the patchlist below with all the news that were applied during the last update.

Kibita Challenge # 02

Kibita's challenges have been met and the items “Divine Potion (7 days)” and “Shire (15 days)” can now be redeemed on the NPC's GIFTS tab “Prisang Nell” for free.


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Do you know that question you always wanted to ask WYD creators but never had the opportunity? We will help you with this! Submit your question in this Facebook post that our team will pick the best and send to the South Korean developer of the game!


Carbuncle EXP

Between August 2 and August 4, Carbuncle EXP will be in Armia (2131 2102) buffing mortal characters and archs between level 191 and 400 with the 2-hour EXP chest buff.

-> Buff duration cannot be accumulated.
-> If the player already has the EXP effect enabled, this effect will be replaced by the carbuncle effect.

Sponsored Kefra

Get ready for a fun-filled weekend! This weekend we will lend a hand killing Kefra of the channel that will be newbie on Saturday (08/03). Enjoy making runes and securing your heavenly character!

Gold Angel

Now "Scrap of Ori" and "Scrap of Lac" will also be grouped by the "Gold Angel".

-> NPC Creata is back.
-> Fixed description of various game items in PT and EN.
-> Boss Kefra has revived on all channels.
-> Some fixes applied to macro's “Fixed Position” mode.
-> Updated the cost of using teleports between cities for mortals (1,000), archs (2,000) and celestial (3,000). Remember that 50% of the cost of teleport is sent to the city tax of origin and 50% to Noatun.

Remember to always start the game using the launcher to get the latest updates and fixes.


WYD Global Team